Crypto*Trade 2.0 Community

At the moment, issue a token known as ESCX which stands for Escrow X in the Crypto*Trade 2.0 Community, to be launched on 31 July 2016. The objective is to allow both traders on each side i.e. BUY and SELL to trade safely in the marketplace. This is where the insurance of each transaction kicks in, ESCX is a token circulate in the community to help protect a deal from financial losses as a result of fraud usually.

Victims are able to get reimbursement by filing in report provided claimer is well insure before the event OR a protected deal that goes thru escrow, it is a community driven insurance protection scheme whereby the reimbursement rate is largely depends on perception of escrow members, which are candidate elected from community before approval to create additional ESCX token in the community and that losses value of BTC is recovered by auction hence the outcome of each case can vary significantly.

ESCX - Risk of exchange with Peace of Mind

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